Zoom Bible Study and Game Night!


Friends Forever will be hosting a Bible Study and Game Night via Zoom from 7pm to 8pm!
Come join us as we look over Exodus 17: 8-15 to learn about how Moses and the Israelites won a wild battle while traveling through the desert.
After our bible study we will be playing “Person, Place or Thing” (Player one starts with the letter A and must name a person, place, or thing that begins with the letter A and act out what they picked; then the next player does the same with the letter B…and so on)
Just like the last few zoom meetings, Wednesdays zoom will be open to join before we start the bible study/game at 7pm. I will join at 7pm to start the event; however if anyone wants to get on a few minutes beforehand to hang out and chat with your friends please feel free to do so!

See ya tomorrow,
Dan Baker

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