Zoom Bingo!

This Thursday (9/17) from 7pm to 8pm Friends Forever will be hosting a Bingo Game over Zoom!
How to play:
-If you would like to play Bingo please send me a separate email at dbake1342@gmail.com and let me know how many bingo cards you need for the game. I will email you a printable bingo card or cards on Thursday.
*If have your own cards feel free to use them*
*If you have the cards I email you for the last Bingo Zoom feel free to use them OR reprint them*
-We will play several rounds and there will be a prize available for the winner of each round (gift cards and T-shirts). I will then mail the prizes to the winners!
Just like the last few zoom meetings, Thursday’s zoom will be open to join before we start bingo at 7pm. I will join at 7pm to start the game; however if anyone wants to get on a few minutes beforehand to hang out and chat with your friends please feel free to do so!
See ya Thursday,

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