Hangout – Zoom!

Tomorrow (7/29) Friends Forever will be hosting a Zoom hangout at 7pm-8pm!
Our friend Davis wanted to lead the group through some MMA exercise moves he learned at his Day Program. If anyone else wants to show or lead the group through a exercise style activity feel free to do so! It’s always good to stay active!
After that we will play a few rounds of the game Hangman! If you want to pick a word and lead the group through a round of Hangman please bring a paper and pen. If not, no problem, feel free to just join and play along!
Contact Dan for the Zoom Link!
Just like the last few zoom meetings, Wednesday’s zoom will be open to join before we start the games at 7pm. I will join at 7pm to start the activity; however if anyone wants to get on a few minutes beforehand to hang out and chat with your friends please feel free to do so!

See ya Wednesday

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